About Autotrackit

Autotracking Antenna System provides a complete, high performance ground station solution for video and ISR data links using the EnerLinksIII Ground Modem Transceiver (GMT).

An antenna with a parabolic reflector design is an ideal choice for the ground station antenna, since its gain varies in a way that exactly offsets the propagation loss variation,
allowing the link margin to be constant with frequency.

  • Rugged, portable autotracking antenna system enhances EnerLinksIII range performance
  • 24” parabolic reflector provides gains from 18 dBi at 1.7 GHz to 28 dBi at 5.5 GHz
  • Narrow beamwidth improves theater wide system spectrum efficiency
  • Omni antenna for operation at close range
  • Tracking algorithm implemented within EnerLinksIII Ground Modem Transceiver – no additional tracking unit box needed.
  • Fully integrated with all RF components

The MT-300 incorporates an internal INS for automatic calibration. In the case of bidirectional systems utilizing a steerable antenna at the other end, the position information provided by the INS is also transmitted to the remote asset.

  • Provides Extended UAV Range
  • Supports RF, Telemetry, Spectrum Tracking
  • KLV601/ROVER/NEMA Data
  • Available in UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku & Ka bands
  • Built-in INS allows for auto-calibration
  • Ethernet Control interface
  • Built to MIL-STD-810
  • Universal Power 110 / 220 VAC or 12 to 36 VDC

MT-300 is a tactical tracking antenna system that has been designed to support forward operations in the harshest environments. The MT-300 maximizes the range and reliability of air-to-ground video and data for manned and unmanned air, ground and sea vehicles.

Designed to be soldier friendly, the MT-300 is easy to operate, automatically locating RF signals and tracking them effortlessly. The system features an extremely accurate high-gain antenna that provides exceptional long-range performance up to 170 nmi (195 mi/273.6 km).